Austin Location

Debbie Valenta

I am Debbie, and I live here in Austin, Texas and my surgery I had the gastric sleeve June 2016. I have lost a total of 67 pounds. I never had a weight problem until after my children and then about eight years ago I had to have two back surgeries and that is when I really started putting on the weight.

After doing all this research and I did extensive research for about three months before I decided that I wanted to do the bariatric surgery. One of my co-workers had the gastric sleeve three years ago and was very-very gracious to talk to me about what all it entailed and the struggle you would go through, that it's not a quick fix. After that I made the appointment with Dr. Ganta who she highly recommended and we clicked. Dr. Ganta and I had some very intense discussions about the procedure, about all that it entailed and the life changes that I would have to make in order to be successful. After having those discussions with him he put every worry I had to rest. Once I met Dr. Ganta and we established a rapport I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to do this because this was going to be a journey that was going to take us for a while.

To this day I have no regrets whatsoever. He has just been a wonderful support. His entire office staff but makes you feel so welcome the end result is just phenomenal. You feel so much better mentally about yourself not only because you look better but because you are accomplishing something that is not an easy task to accomplish.

My long-term goals are to be happy and physically and mentally happy and with my weight loss I've been able to move along that journey.