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Darrell Shaw

Darrell, Leander, Texas. I had my sleeve procedure on January 14th, 2014. Three years ago. My beginning weight was 330 pounds, and my current weight is 229 pounds. And my highest weight is 330 pounds.

My family was passing away one by one and me and my brother made the decision to change our lives. Well the gastric sleeve to me was the right choice was because it was a permanent decision. It's not something that I could come back and do feel alone or get adjusted or anything like that, and this best suited my activity life.

Dr. Ganta’s staff was excellent before surgery, for the pre-op and all his staff was fantastic and they were very knowledgeable about questions that I had, eating styles, eating habits. What would happen before surgery, after surgery, during the surgery. So he really made you feel comfortable about coming to the office and actually having the procedure done.

He has the knowledge and the expertise in the field. He has the support staff in the office that help you get you through the whole process. I did look at other surgeons and looked at other reviews online and Dr. Ganta has one of the best reviews from prior patients and the support groups that they have online Dr. Ganta's name was mentioned many times as being a great surgeon and again very helpful in the whole process from the beginning to end of the deal and again three years out he is still very supportive.

Use the surgery no matter what surgery as a tool. It is not a fix-all. It is not a next day potion where you're skinny one day. It's not about the size that you wear but the number on the scale. It's about your well-being and your health.