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My name is Trina. I’m from Austin Texas. I had the gastric bypass surgery and I have lost 75 pounds.

For many years I’ve been battling with up and down weight. I would gain weight, lose weight,

Tom Clark

My name is Tom. I’m from New Braunfels, Texas. I’m 48 years old. I had a gastric sleeve about four years ago, January of 13. I believe when I came into the office under Dr. Ganta’s care my heaviest weight under his care was about 255 pounds. After the surgery I have been able to […]

The Flanagans

Dana: I’m Dana F from Liberty Hill, Texas. I had the vertical gastric sleeve and I have lost about 90 pounds. Kevin: My name’s Kevin F and I’m from Liberty Hill and I had a laparoscopic vertical gastric sleeve and I’ve lost 50 – 55 pounds. I started recognizing in my 30s that I was […]


My name is Tasha and I’m from Austin. I had the gastric bypass in June of 2015. I have currently lost 210 pounds. My weight has always been a theme in my life. I was always a very large child in comparison to everyone else. It started off with me just being taller and then […]

Renee Griffin

My name is Renee. I am originally from New Orleans. I had the procedure done July 18 of last year and I’ve actually lost – I was 278 pounds I’m actually 192 at this time and it’s constant those instill but I had the gastric sleeve which is an awesome procedure. I have had weight […]

Paul Rodriguez

My name is Paul and I had the gastric sleeve procedure in August 2016. I lost 74 pounds since. So I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I think it’s probably more pronounced since college. I’ve been 50 to 80 pounds overweight for a significant part of my life. I think the tipping […]

Nate Ricketson

My name is Nate. I live in Austin, Texas. I had the gastric sleeve in June of 2016. When I started seeing Dr. Ganta in January I weighed 378 pounds. As of today, I weigh 203 pounds I’ve lost roughly 175 to 180 pounds. I’ve struggled with weight loss on and off since I got […]

Mike Wade

My name is Mike from Colorado. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in April last year. I was 326 pounds, and I lost about 130 pounds. I’ve been overweight all my life, pretty much from a young age and over the years it has kept creeping up in the weight and to me it was […]