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Transferring Offices

Switching Offices?

This is a difficult transition for many patients and we want to help you to continue the life changing journey you started. We have assisted many bariatric patients during times like this when they are seeking a new surgeon or office for aftercare support. As a national leader in bariatric care at Austin Bariatric Dr. Ganta and staff understands the importance in having the support that you need during this journey.

At Austin Bariatric / AIBL/  Dr. Ganta’s office we have a dedicated staff to answer questions and help you continue your journey no matter where you are in the process, whether you are a post op patient or just started your journey or looking for lap band fills and followup care.


Our office can offer the following services:

Transition Paperwork

  • Need help resettling your patient file to our office? Please click on the following link, fill out the paperwork, sign and fax to 512-257-2426 or email at We can contact the other office to make sure all of your existing records are sent in their entirety without being destroyed, or misplaced. However there is no need to wait for paperwork to arrive in order to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ganta and continue your weight loss journey.

Surgery Scheduling

  • There is no reason to start over when you are so close. We will do our absolute best to ensure that you will continue to progress per your schedule and have surgery at the time you are planning. We accept almost all of the testing performed if any and also accept any medical weight loss programs already completed.

Lap Band Fills

  • As part of proper patient followup care for lap band care we will be able to provide lap band adjustments.

Revisional Surgery

  • Unfortunately not all procedures work the same for every patient and it may be the correct time to review an existing procedure or complication for revisional surgery. Dr. Ganta is an expert in converting procedures and reviewing existing post-operative notes to have original cases corrected or revised as deemed appropriate.

As you continue your weight loss surgery journey we want to be part of the growth and transition for any patient that may need immediate attention moving from another bariatric facility.

Thank you kindly,

The Austin Bariatric Team