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“When you lose this weight you feel so confident again that you can do anything…and that’s the biggest thing. The energy level is there and your confidence as a person and you’re ready to get back in the game!”

Kevin & Dana

“By you choosing Dr. Ganta you chose the BEST in the area” -Kevin

“We did look at great number of doctors. Kevin is a general surgeon himself felt that Dr. Ganta is an excellent choice for this surgery” -Dana


“One thing I really respected and appreciated, he [Dr. Ganta] made sure that I did MY homework. He wanted to make sure that I knew what I was in for, why I was in for it, and what the outcome would, could and should, be.”


“I really like to brag about Dr. Ganta because I really feel like I’m one of the most successful of the people who had it done at the same time as me and I think it’s because my Doctor is so great at what he does…I really feel like I got the best surgery that I could have, from Dr. Ganta”


“The Difference with energy is off the charts…Before I was sluggish, it was difficult to walk up stairs. Now I go walking every morning. My energy is threw the roof!”


“I think it is critical that you have staff that have had the procedure. They are excited for you…having that reinforcement is absolutely critical…When you go into an office and the people have already had the procedure and you see the effect, you see the after and they are not preachy to you, they are supportive of you. I think that is a huge asset.”