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Surgical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Surgery

The following are the weight loss surgery options available at AIBL to you.  About 98% of all our weight loss procedures are performed using the laparoscopic approach.

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Gastric sleeve

Relatively new procedure. Very good results for weight loss. Long-term weight loss results not available yet. Very low risk of long term complications.

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Single incision sleeve

Dr. Ganta pioneered this remarkable technique that involves complete performance of the lap band or gastric sleeve procedures via the incision at the belly button and leaving no visible scars on the abdomen.

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Lap band

Lapband is the most common weight loss surgery procedure worldwide. It also is the safest of all bariatric procedures and the band opening is adjustable to suit individual needs.

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Single incision lap band

A trans-umbilical LAP-BAND® weight loss procedure that requires no special instruments or equipment. This single incision laparoscopic technique eliminates virtually all visible scarring on the abdomen.

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Gastric bypass

This is designated the gold standard of bariatric surgery. One of the most common weight loss surgeries performed.

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Revision procedures

We do perform revisions of previous procedures for inadequate weight loss, complications related to previous surgery or technical failure of the procedure leading to weight regain. Majority of these can be performed using the laparoscopic approach.

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Stomaphyx and Overstitch

“NOTES” technology based endoscopic procedure performed without any incisions at all! This outpatient procedure is used for revision in Gastric bypass patients that have either gained weight or never achieved their goal weight.

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The Gastric Plication / LGCP procedure (considered investigational) is similar to gastric sleeve surgery, but the sleeve plication is created by folding and suturing the stomach in itself rather than cutting, stapling and permanently removing it.

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The iBAND also known as banded gastric plication (considered investigational) is a recently introduced weight loss procedure that combines the advantages of a gastric sleeve plication such as fast effective weight loss with the safety and long term weight maintenance results of the Lap Band.

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Duodenal switch

This option gives you the best long-term weight loss. However it has a higher complication rate and the patients need lifelong follow-up.

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Da Vinci robotic surgery

This innovative robotics tool provides surgeons a minimally invasive application in which to perform complex surgeries, such as a robotic gastric bypass, robotic gastric sleeve or robotic gastric plication or LGCP.

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