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Single Incision Surgery

SILS is an advanced laparoscopic approach in which the surgeon operates exclusively through a single entry point at the umbilicus instead of the typical five or more incisions. This leaves the patient with no visible scars and potential for less pain and a quicker recovery. Dr. Ganta is one of the first surgeons in the country to pioneer and perform the Single Incision Lap band with no visible scars. Dr. Ganta is one of the few surgeons in the country to offer the trans-umbilical single incision procedures for the gastric sleeve and the lap band procedures.

The approach

Gastric band and sleeve surgery typically are performed using the standard laparoscopic approach. In the standard laparoscopic approach 5 or more small incisions are made on the upper abdomen the largest one being 1 ½ inches. This approach is much better than the open surgery but still leaves visible scars and the associated healing. The SILS approach using this remarkable new technique, pioneered by Dr. Ganta, involves complete navigation and placement of the LAP-BAND via the incision at the belly button and leaving no visible scars on the abdomen Benefits of Single Incision Procedures

  • Cosmetic: The main benefit of the single incision approach is less scarring overall with no visible scarring and the small incision hiding inside the belly button is cosmetically appealing.
  • Faster Recovery: The recovery is potentially faster than traditional multiple incision laparoscopy because you have one small incision about one inch long instead of several incisions.
  • Less Pain: It is our experience that patients with the single incision approach experience minimal pain overall and return to work quickly.

Single incision gastric sleeve and lap band surgery in Austin

To learn more about the cost of a SILS procedure in our practice and to find out if you qualify for this advanced approach please contact us at 512-257-2425.