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AIBL Premier Services

AIBL offers several premier services to ensure success of our patients!

Traditional aftercare program support for bariatric patients is of the philosophy

“We will tell you what to do and it is up to you to do it. We will follow up with you every now and then to provide guidance”.

AIBL excels in the traditional aftercare support. However it is AIBL philosophy to go beyond! So AIBL developed an aftercare concept that is unique and intuitive. It is based on

“We will not only tell you what to do, we will also teach you how to do it and actually help you make the lifestyle changes and follow up regularly!”

It is with this concept that AIBL is currently developing its “Premier Services”. These services are optional and some of the premier services are fee based because insurance plans do not cover the premier services.

Mentorship Program

Many of the patients feel that they wish they had someone who went through the surgery to talk to, when struggling with lifestyle change issues after the surgery especially in the first several weeks. The mentorship program does exactly that!

Patient portal

AIBL offers our patients online access to the practice as well as many online tools for you and your family to keep up with your own success. Patients are able to request change of appointments online, make payments and email the staff members.

Support Groups

AIBL is proud to be one of the few practices in Central Texas to offer own support groups in the office! AIBL support groups are monthly and feature guest speakers, clothing exchanges, topics of special interest and other programs. Meetings focus on sharing, learning, socializing, and just plain having fun.  Hopefully you will leave the meeting feeling supported, educated, enlightened, and eager to return to the next session. Our support groups are open to AIBL patients only and are limited to 18 participants. Please register early to avoid disappointment.