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Baritastic is the # 1 app for bariatric surgery!

Weight loss surgery patients have specific goals, requirements and guidelines before and after surgery. Other calorie trackers are not appropriate because they are geared for the average person, and often give inaccurate advice about weight loss.

What is Baritastic?

Baritastic is an app that is available on both Apple and Android phones. Best of all, the app is free and available to all of our patients. At your consultation, you will receive a unique code to unlock even more features on this app that will help patients connect to our office and find clear and accurate information about surgery, dietary guidelines for before and after surgery, vitamin recommendations, support group information and additional resources including your to do list before surgery with due dates.  You can also receive on-going feedback on your tracking logs from our Registered Dietitian as part of our signature nutrition services. Call or email us to find out more about our signature services.

Nuself Bariatrics offers the support you need before and after surgery. Connect with us on Baritastic.

With Baritastic you can:

  • Track What You Eat
  • Track Your Workouts
  • Complete a Pre-Surgery Checklist
  • Schedule Vitamin and Supplement Reminders
  • Monitor Your Water Intake
  • Learn About Bariatric Surgery
  • Access Diet Guidelines, Instructions and Support Group Information
  • Keep Track Of Your Weight Loss Progress in a Detailed Journal
  • And much more

New Calorie Tracking Feedback Program

Nuself Bariatrics is now offering a nutrition service unlike any other. You can now maximize your weight loss through our comprehensive nutrition consultations that include added features such as calorie and lifestyle tracking and weekly feedback from our Registered Dietitian. Research shows that weight loss surgery patients who track what they eat lose more weight and keep it off for longer. Now you can take tracking one step further by using our app in collaboration with our dietitian. This will allow us to monitor your diet and identify patterns that can improve your weight loss results. In addition to meeting with our nutritionist, you can receive a detailed report of your tracking logs and receive weekly e-mail feedback. Call or email us to find out more about our signature services.

Tracking Review weekly e-mails will include:

  • Personal feedback on food journal and weight loss
  • Expert tips for diet, exercise and weight loss
  • Product reviews for foods and protein supplements
  • Information about additional resources and upcoming events