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Our Process

Revision surgery is a secondary weight loss procedure when the first bariatric surgery did not work adequately or had failed. The patient and insurance process for revision surgery varies significantly from primary surgery and is frequently determined on a case by case basis

Nuself Bariatrics  specializes  in revision bariatric surgery and our experienced staff had helped hundreds of patients with insurance approval process for revision bariatric surgery since 2006. Often times we can give the patient a fairly good idea if insurance might cover the revision procedure based on the information provided at the initial phone call.

Typical steps

  • If patient has insurance coverage please complete and submit the verification of benefits form. Link provided at the bottom of this page. If no insurance coverage you may go to next step.
  • Patient to schedule initial full consultation or a free evaluation after speaking to our staff which one of these two steps may be appropriate for your situation.
  • At the initial consultation Dr. Ganta will discuss your candidacy for revision surgery and which revision options might work best for you.
  • At the initial consultation our insurance and financial specialists will meet with you to discuss your insurance coverage details, costs and any self pay and financing options. Frequently w can determine your potential surgery date and may even be able to schedule the surgery at that visit.
  • Prior to proceeding Dr. Ganta may order some tests to determine which previous bariatric surgery you had and to determine the current anatomy and suitability for the chosen revision surgery procedure. These tests may include an UGI exam under Xray or an Endoscopy that sometimes can be performed in our office.
  • Once patient decides to move forward we will schedule the next steps including medical testing and any required appointments to meet insurance requirements.
  • After completion of the above steps Surgery date is finalized and surgery completed.

Will Revision Surgery work for you?

The best way to determine if you would benefit from revision surgery procedure would be to meet with Dr. Ganta in a free evaluation or a full consultation.