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No Incision Arm Lift

Sagging arms is a common complaint among women. Sagging or flabby upper arms can make women feel older and less attractive. However, these changes in the contour of the arms are inevitable due to the natural aging process of the body. As bodies age, especially after the age of 50, skin becomes less elastic due to reduced production of collagen and elastin.

A no-incision arm lift is one effective treatment option for women to address this issue and improve the contour of their arms. As one of the best surgeons in Austin, Texas, Dr. Ganta can offer incision-free and technologically advanced arm-lift options.

A no-incision arm lift involves uplifting of the tissues of the arms to help them look firmer. It is suitable for women who want to overcome the appearance of sagging shoulders and arms. The arm lift treatment can make the shoulders look firm and straight and also reduce the sagging of the skin on the arms.

As it ages, the body begins to lose collagen and elastin, causing the skin of the arm to appear lax. Over time, the skin starts to hang loose in folds, which can make the person feel old and unattractive. Dr. Ganta recommends arm lift treatments in such cases to improve the appearance of the arm, giving patients their confidence back.

A no-incision arm lift is a non-invasive procedure that works by applying controlled heat to the affected tissues. This effectively melts the fat beneath the skin, causing it to retract and sit more firmly on the underlying tissue.

Women will notice an immediate tightening of the skin on the arms after the procedure. The no-incision arm lift will make the skin look taut and the shoulders look firm.

Men and women interested in improving the appearance of their aging arms can seek the advice of Dr. Ganta in Austin, Texas, to find out more about no-incision arm lifts and how this procedure can help them look younger and feel better.