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Meet Dr. Ganta

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Dr. Ganta is Fellowship-trained in laparoscopic surgery from Yale University. This specialized training at one of the world’s top medical schools signifies Dr. Ganta’s commitment to continued education in advanced surgical techniques. He won the "Topgun" award for laparoscopic suturing and routinely trained several surgeons in the art of laparoscopic suturing.

Meet Dr. Sashidhar V. Ganta

At Nuself Bariatrics, our board certified bariatric surgeon is one of the most experienced in the Austin area. Dr. Sashidhar V. Ganta is extensively trained in a variety of weight loss surgery procedures, and has pursued Fellowship training and education at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world.

Dr. Ganta has performed more than 3000 bariatric surgery procedures including RNY Gastric Bypass, Lap-band, Gastric Sleeve, Duodenal switch, BPD, Stomaphyx, Overstitch and Revisions utilizing some of the most advanced techniques in the field. In fact, Dr. Ganta is believed to be the very first bariatric surgeon in Texas to offer the innovative Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) gastric banding technique through the navel. SILS is a way of performing weight loss surgery with no visible scarring after the procedure. The technique typically results in less recovery time, and less residual discomfort. Surgeons from across the U.S. come to Austin to learn the SILS procedure from Dr. Ganta.

Offering every type of weight loss surgery available in a comprehensive treatment program designed for safety and success, Dr. Ganta can help you through this new and exciting journey in your life. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Dr. Ganta’s professional background and achievements, and contact Nuself Bariatrics for more information.

Why Dr. Ganta


One of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Austin, Texas.

Making a decision to undergo bariatric surgery to improve your health and quality of life and longevity is an excellent decision and for most of you the decision is long overdue. Many patients think about it for years before they make the first step and when you do take that step it is imperative to ensure that you are choosing the best surgeon for best results. You are currently researching procedures and doctors. We realize you have choices. As one of our patients said "If I am going to put a part of my anatomy in someone's hand, I better be able to trust that person and feel confident that he is going to do his best, he cares about me and everything is going to be ok." Not only Dr. Ganta has the experience and expertise and performed over 3000 weight loss procedures but he is also portrayed by his patients as a very caring and compassionate individual. Many of our patients say "You can't go wrong with Dr. Ganta."


Dr. Ganta's practice is dedicated to weight loss surgery.

Dr. Ganta had been performing weight loss surgery for over 15 years and dedicated his clinical practice to weight loss surgery only. Most bariatric surgery practices offer either the Lapband or the Gastric bypass and sleeve or some combination thereof. Dr. Ganta offers all the available procedures including the Lapband, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Duodenal Switch, Plication, iBand, Band over bypass, Revisions and no incision procedures such as Gastric balloons Obalon system, Stomaphyx and Overstitch. In fact Dr. Ganta was believed to be the first surgeon in Austin to offer Gastric sleeve, Duodenal switch, Plication, iBand and Stomaphyx procedures. When you attend your first consultation or free evaluation with Dr. Ganta you get an unbiased recommendation of a procedure that works best for YOU rather than being offered a procedure that is performed by the practice.


Dr. Sashi Ganta, is believed to have performed the first trans-umbilical LAP-BAND® weight loss surgery in the state of Texas with no visible scar on Tuesday, September 9, 2008. Dr. Ganta has pioneered the new procedure for placement of the Lap-band with a single incision of less than 1 inch hidden in the umbilicus, therefore leaving no visible scars. The SILS band technique improves cosmetic results and may possibly lead to faster recovery and less pain. Since then Dr. Ganta continued to perform single incision lap band and single incision gastric sleeve procedures. The SILS approach is most attractive for patients if they value the cosmetic benefit of the procedure as well. Patients from across the nation seek Dr. Ganta's SILS procedures. Dr. Ganta's practice was an approved SILS training facility and Surgeons from all over the country flew into Austin to visit Dr. Ganta’s practice and learn about the advanced techniques for Single Incision Lap Band placement (SILS band) leaving no visible scars.


Dr. Ganta has established a credible record with over 3000 bariatric procedures in his practice after completion of all training. He has excellent results with weight loss and low complication rates. Dr. Ganta established a dedication and commitment to care for weight loss surgery patients. Recognizing that weight loss surgery is a journey and not a destination, he takes a holistic approach to weight loss surgery with comprehensive before, during and after surgery care. Patients at Nuself Bariatrics have access to excellent and unique after care services. Please check with our office to learn about our aftercare services.

Professional Memberships and Board Certifications

Membership and certification from respected medical organizations are some of the most important aspects to consider when you are evaluating bariatric surgeons. Dr. Ganta belongs to several organizations that are known for their strict requirements and high standards of care that doctors must prove in order to be certified or admitted. Some of the organizations in which Dr. Ganta belongs include:

  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Certified by American Board of Surgery
  • Verified Surgeon by MBSAQIP (Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program) that oversees Certified Bariatric Programs in the Nation.
  • Member of the Texas Medical Association
  • Member of the Travis County Medical Association
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland


The education and training of weight loss surgeons are a vital component to their ability to provide patients with safe and successful results. Dr. Ganta is very honored to have received his training within some of the most respected medical schools and institutions in the world. After earning his medical degree at a top medical school in India winning the “Best student of the class” in Medical school and seven Gold medals including Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathology, Dr. Ganta went on to become a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England and a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland at a very young age. He then completed his surgical residency at New York Medical College. Dr. Ganta’s transition between medical school, Fellowship, and surgical residency is marked by a notable achievement – he was able to complete his residency one year early because of superior performance and previous experience. Fellowship training in laparoscopic surgery at Yale University soon followed, and Dr. Ganta gained considerable experience as an educator, teaching other surgeons the difficult techniques of advanced laparoscopy and laparoscopic suturing.

After training with some of the best surgeons in the country, including Dr. Alan Wittgrove, Dr. Wesley Clark, and Vivek Prachand at the University of Chicago, Dr. Ganta developed a bariatric surgery practice in Illinois. Following this period, Dr. Ganta and his family moved to Austin, where he founded the Austin Institute of Bariatrics and Laparoscopy now renamed Nuself Bariatrics. On his path to becoming a leading Austin bariatric surgeon he has structured his practice to be a facility that offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss treatment, offering assistance and support to patients before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Ganta believes that weight loss surgery is not just a solution - it is a tool that patients can use to safely and effectively begin a new and healthier path in their lives. Dr. Ganta personally oversees every aspect of patient care, including follow-up appointments and the monitoring of your weight loss progress.

It is Dr. Ganta’s ultimate goal to help you lose weight, reduce risks to your health, enhance your self-esteem, and maintain long-term results.

Our Commitment to Personalized Patient Care

The decision to have surgery is a major step along the path to better health and a slimmer physique. All of our professionals at Nuself Bariatrics are committed to offering you personalized care and a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you achieve safe, successful weight loss. Dr. Ganta oversees all aspects of patient care, including recovery and follow-up visits to monitor your progress.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Bariatric surgery has become safer and more effective through years of advances in technology and treatment techniques. On Tuesday, September 9, 2008, Dr. Sashidhar Ganta, is believed to have performed the first trans-umbilical LAP-BAND® System weight loss surgery in the state of Texas resulting in no visible scar. This Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery procedure (SILS) for LAP-BAND® System surgery utilizes a single incision of less than 1 inch hidden in the navel, therefore leaving no visible scars. The SILS band technique improves cosmetic results and may even lead to faster recovery and less pain. It’s a less invasive option for patients considering the LAP-BAND® System and the Gastric Sleeve for long term weight loss and health improvement. Dr. Ganta has received widespread recognition for his technique with SILS, and he taught the procedure to experienced bariatric surgeons who travelled to Austin from across the country.

Dr. Ganta has also introduced many other new weight loss surgery procedures to Central Texas Patients, including techniques such as Gastric Plication, iBand and Gastric balloon Obalon system. Our commitment to innovation and the latest weight loss surgery procedures is one of the many ways Nuself Bariatrics strives to give patients the best possible results from advanced surgical techniques.

Our Commitment to Long-Term Weight Loss

Nuself Bariatrics is established with a dedication and commitment to care for weight loss patients, with the goal of helping them lose weight safely and maintain successful results. We recognize that weight loss surgery is a journey and not a destination, therefore, Dr. Ganta takes a holistic approach to weight loss surgery with comprehensive before-and-after care that can help you in all stages of the weight loss process. Our practice offers unique aftercare services that are designed to support you through the physical and emotional journey of weight loss and positive lifestyle change.

Our Commitment to Aftercare Program

Nuself Bariatrics has developed premium aftercare services for our patients including in office support group, online support via facebook private groups and Nutrition webinar series to help support long term weight loss.

Learn more about our aftercare program.

Our Record of Success

Dr. Ganta has established a credible record with over 3000 bariatric procedures in his practice after completion of his residency and Fellowship training at some of the most respected medical institutions in the world. He has impressive results with low complication rates, owing to his commitment to provide patients with comprehensive, personalized care and the highest priority on safety.

Our Global Outreach

Nuself Bariatrics was one of the few selected national training sites to teach other experienced bariatric surgeons single incision gastric band methods and techniques. Surgeons from all over the country flew into Austin to visit Dr. Ganta's practice and learn about the advanced techniques for Single Incision Lap Band placement (the SILS band) which is designed to leave no visible scars.

In addition to our outreach to surgeons, patients from all over the United States and abroad come to Austin seeking Dr. Ganta's expertise in weight loss surgery. His accomplishments, commitment to innovation, and success rates entice people from across the globe to seek treatment at Nuself Bariatrics.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Options

Dr. Ganta offers all of the available weight loss surgery procedures including the LAP-BAND® System, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve (vertical sleeve gastrectomy), Gastric Plication, iBand, Duodenal Switch, Gastric balloon with Obalon, Overstitch and Stomaphyx techniques. We also perform revision weight loss surgery. For patients who are not candidates for surgery or not ready for surgery we offer comprehensive medical weight loss solutions including our New Direction VLCD program and the FDA approved gastric balloon weight loss treatments.

Nuself Bariatrics is also part of the the next frontier in bariatric surgery for Austin patients - NOTES. NOTES are endoscopic surgical procedures performed without any incisions whatsoever. Certain weight loss surgery techniques, such as revision STOMAPHYX procedures and OVERSTITCH procedures can now be performed endoscopically on an out-patient basis procedure with no incisions required.

Our Affordable Self-Pay Packages

Nuself Bariatrics is sensitive to our self-pay patient needs and concerns, which is why we offer one of the most value based self-pay package prices in Texas. When you consider the level of personalized care Nuself Bariatrics provides, combined with our skill and experience and dedication to advanced bariatric surgery techniques, this is an incredible value. One of our team members will be happy to speak with you about our self-pay program.

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