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Geting You Ready

Educating and preparing you is our top priority!

After the initial consultation, the patient advocacy coordinator will discuss the plan with you. Timing of the surgery depends on your preference as well as securing the financials. For patients with insurance coverage AIBL assists the patient to get an approval for the surgery from the insurance company. This typically takes 8 weeks. For self-pay patients once financing is secured the surgery may be scheduled. Once the surgery is approved and scheduled you will need to undergo a series of preoperative tests and consultations. AIBL will work with you to schedule the appointments in AIBL office as well as work with your primary physician to complete all the requirements. You will need to follow the pre-operative diet for two weeks as instructed by the dietitian preceding your surgery. Once the preoperative testing is complete you will be scheduled for a pre-operative appointment with the surgeon. This appointment will last about an hour and you will be provided with all the educational materials and other documents if you have not already received them. All of your concerns are discussed, questions answered and consents obtained. Specific written instructions are given to you to prepare you for the surgery.