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Gastric Balloon Orberra and Reshape

ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon
• The ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon is an inflatable balloon made of soft silicone.
• Studies have shown that patients may lose up to 26% of excess weight.
• Non-surgical weight loss method
• Safe and effective with minimal side effects
• Requires endoscopy to insert the single balloon and endoscopy to remove the balloon.
(Procedure image here)
ReShape® Gastric Balloon
• ReShape® utilizes double balloon system made of silicone. The two connected balloons are designed to conform to the shape of your stomach, and give you a long lasting feeling of fullness that encourages weight loss.
• Non-surgical weight loss method
• The dual balloon system offers increased safety than Orberra, minimizing the unlikely risk of device migration.
• The dual balloon device fits the curve of the stomach, allowing for greater comfort
• Safe and effective with minimal side effects
• Reports indicate patients may lose 30% of excess weight.