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Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve

Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve

  • The endoscopic Gastric Sleeve is a novel method to perform the procedure utilizing endoscopic approach rather than a surgical approach with multiple incisions.
  • The procedure is performed utilizing an Overstitch device for endoscopic suturing. This procedure is performed in the hospital as an outpatient and patient can go home the same day.

Photo courtesy of Mayo Clinic, Department of Gastroenterology.

  • The endoscopic gastric sleeve procedure involves suturing the stomach from inside to create the shape of a sleeve and it does not involve removing any part of the stomach. In this regard this is similar to a Gastric Plication procedure except that this procedure is non surgical and does not involve surgical incisions.
  • This procedure is in the experimental stages at this time and not routinely offered to all patients. Though it is a very safe procedure by design the clinical results of weight loss and longevity of the procedure aren't established.