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BioHealth IV Vitamin Therapy

BioHealth IV vitamin therapy is a comprehensive treatment offered at NuSelf to help patients stay healthy and feel and look better.

Dr. Ganta is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Austin, Texas, and he recommends BioHealth IV vitamin therapy to improve skin health from within. He advises patients to ensure their body receives an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to support the body’s physiological functions.

However, in most cases, the diet of a person does not provide the vitamins needed for optimum skin health. This is why Dr. Ganta recommends BioHealth IV vitamin therapy to ensure the skin is not deprived of essential nutrients.

BioHealth IV vitamin therapy refers to a combination of vitamins that are administered into the body intravenously, ensuring a direct delivery of essential nutrients into the body.

Dr. Ganta has formulated BioHealth IV vitamin therapy based on his years of experience in the fields of cosmetic surgery and skin health. He has observed that the deficiency of nutrients is one of the causes of skin problems like cellulite, stretch marks, age spots, and so on. These skin symptoms can be managed more efficiently by ensuring an adequate supply of vitamins to the skin.

Vitamins play a huge role in protecting the skin against toxins, free radicals, pollutants in the air, sun rays, and chemicals in cosmetics. Vitamins can also help protect the skin from damage due to allergies and infections.

Dr. Ganta has also observed that patients often suffer from skin symptoms in spite of eating a nutritious diet. This may occur due to the inability of the stomach and intestine to absorb vitamins in foods. The intravenous administration of BioHealth IV vitamin therapy can help to avoid the loss of nutrients during digestion. It delivers the vitamins directly to the blood, meaning more vitamins can make it to the skin.

Patients interested in BioHealth IV vitamin therapy should discuss their options with Dr. Ganta. He can advise them on the best treatment plan for their unique needs.