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Bariatric Program

Bariatric Surgery outcomes are superior when performed in a multi-disciplinary comprehensive program setting. The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, American College of Surgeons recommend weight loss surgery to be performed in a comprehensive program setting.

What makes you successful in your weight loss journey?

  • The skill and care of your surgeon
  • You should always meet with your surgeon prior to the surgery in person to discuss your success and potential issues
  • The quality of the aftercare program available to you
  • Your commitment to yourself

Comprehensive program includes several components. Most of these are based at our office and some are based at the hospital programs that work closely with us for seamless integration of healthcare delivery.

At AIBL your aftercare support is our focus. After all, our success is measured by your success!

Key Components of AIBL Bariatric Program

  • Skilled, compassionate, and empathetic surgeon.
  • Dedicated compassionate and knowledgeable Bariatric Team, with in-depth knowledge of Bariatric Surgery. AIBL features a dietitian, insurance coordinator and other support staff.
  • Well-trained hospital staff – All departments who have direct and indirect contact with the Bariatric patient.
  • “Team” approach: Every member of the team must be dedicated to convey a message of expertise and be able to provide the Bariatric patient the tools and guidance to help them achieve their goals.
  • Structured patient education program from initial consultation, to pre-op, post-op education and follow-up.
  • Lifetime commitment to the follow-up of the Bariatric patient.

Dr. Ganta thrives to achieve consistency and excellence in all the above components to provide the highest quality patient care.

At AIBL our comprehensive program consists of the following.

Surgical Component

  • Experienced Surgeon with documented excellent outcomes.
  • Surgeon performs own endoscopy and therefore patients have access to care immediately. Surgeon offers expertise in several bariatric endoscopic procedures.
  • Special instrumentation and equipment needed for advanced surgical techniques.
  • Staff that are trained, experienced and dedicated in the care of bariatric patients.

Nutritional Component

  • Full time Bariatric Dietician based at our office.
  • Structured nutritional program before and after the surgery.
  • On-going nutritional follow-up after surgery as required.
  • Body composition and metabolic testing to give you information that can get you off the weight loss plateau.

Exercise Component

  • Fitness evaluation at AIBL office.
  • Available for advice after the surgery.

Psychological Evaluation and Support

  • Evaluation before surgery by a designated experienced psychologist.
  • Psychological support as needed after the surgery is available.
  • Monthly support groups at AIBL office.
  • Family education and counseling optional.

Patient Education

  • Free weekly educational seminars are available.
  • Video based education in the office.
  • Printed nutrition guide.
  • Hospital based pre operative education.
  • Confirmation of your understanding by a “Test/ Quiz”.
  • Direct education by the office staff and the surgeon at the time of appointments.

Hospital Bariatric Program

  • Hospital based patient education
  • Convenient one day scheduling of all pre-operative tests
  • Anesthesiologist meeting before the surgery
  • Hospital tour if requested
  • Monthly support groups
  • Bariatric program coordinator support and follow-up

Support Groups

  • Structured monthly meetings at AIBL office as well as the hospital.
  • Available for patients before the surgery so that they can meet some post-operative patients

Affiliated Specialty Physicians

  • AIBL has multiple specialty physician affiliations available for patient referral for timely and efficient service.

Aftercare Program

  • A structured post surgery follow-up
  • Our aftercare is aimed to prevent nutritional and other complications before they occur
  • Availability of emergency appointment times
  • Surgeon directed and supervised aftercare management
  • Dietician availability for your phone calls for advice. Optional appointments available as needed.

Weight Loss Plateau Management

  • AIBL is committed to achieve excellent results for our patients.
  • Technology available at AIBL will allow you to continue with the weight loss journey most effectively for the longest duration possible so that you have the highest chance to achieve your goal.